Advantages of email marketing in the digital world

It is a common concern among many marketing departments that Facebook ads agency in Dubai. But let me tell you this if you are thinking that email marketing is dead or is no longer effective in a digital marketing agency campaign then you are wrong. Because email marketing is still alive and strong and is used by various top marketing agencies. Almost 40 percent of B2B marketers claim that email newsletters are more critical and beneficial to their content marketing campaign as compared to all other digital marketing strategies. 

In this article, we will tell you about some benefits of email marketing to let you know about its effectiveness for your business. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is an act of sending commercial messages, advertisements offers, and solicit sales, etc by a social media agency to a group of people using the services of email. In other words, you can also put it as any email that is sent to potential or regular customers can be considered as Social media agency Dubai.

Perks of choosing email marketing as your business companion

  • You can own your contact list

When you use digital marketing channels like Social media sites, Google ads management services in Dubai, mobile marketing, mostly you do not know your customers and follower. Your followers’ list is owned by the respective managements. You cannot get this information. But in email marketing, you build your own email list which is your contact list and you can interact with them regardless of the email provider.

  • Economical campaigns

Traditional digital marketing agency campaigns like video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, can be costly but not email marketing. Email marketing is the simplest type of digital marketing campaign that generates the most perfect return on investment that you can imagine.

  • Reaching desired people at a perfect time

In a digital marketing campaign, it is important to reach your targeted audience at a perfect time by Digital Marketing Agency Dubai or that audience will be converted into customers by someone else. With email marketing, you can reach your targeted customers because almost 99 percent of the users check emails daily for something new

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